Video Ads for Performance

YouTube and Facebook video ads is an extraordinary way for driving brand awareness. Still, we believe that it should go beyond pure awareness. Our Video Ads for Performance approach enables brands to leverage video to close deal.

Our Methodology

  • facebook pixel

    Pixel Implementation

    Impalement tags and pixel to make sure website is ready to collect audience data. The data will be used for retargeting and ad delivery optimization.

  • Video Ads Delivery

    Deliver the video to drive view and traffic. Set up targeting based on conversion signals. It aims to create awareness among your target customer whose are willing and able to make purchase, instead of extreme mass audience. It helps to reduce wastage on media cost signification.

  • audience segmentation

    Video Viewer Segmentation

    Segment video ads viewer based on their engagement level and value. For example, by video percentage watched, by actions taken and interaction with post.

  • Portfolio Bidding Strategy

    Audience Segment Valuation

    After segmentation, we will calculate the value of each audience segments for determining the bidding price. We will consider audience's online behaviour, purchase intention, stage of consumer decision process etc.

  • display ads

    Cross-channel Retargeting

    After creating awareness among the target marketing, cross-channel remarketing campaign will be deployed for generating sales with a low cost-per-acquisition (CPA). At the same time, bidding price will be adjusted according to the segment value in order to maximize cost-efficiency.


Improved Cost-effectiveness

Fully utilize the media investment on video to drive sales, instead of solely brand awareness

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