Social Media Ads

Social Media, such ad Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and LinkedIn Ads, is the most effective way to deliver your message to your audience. It is an art of how to deliver a right message to the right audience with the right format under a right objective.

Our Methodology

  • Goal Setting - Translate your business goal into campaign objective

    Social media, like Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads, have its own definition on campaign objective. Therefore, we have to match the conversion funnel with media campaign objective. We help our clients to design the most suitable channel and campaign objective, across the consumer decision process.

  • facebook ads planning

    Development of Action Plan - Convert campaign objectives into action Items

    Once objective is defined, we will develop an action plan that help to align the message, content angle, ad format and audience targeting toward your business goal.

  • facebook pixel

    Pixel Implementation - Collect and transfer conversion signal to ad systerms

    By identifying key website actions via tags like Facebook Pixel, we can collect and consolidate the conversion data for further actions. The types of traceable actions including file download, contact form submission, add to chart, checkout, page scroll depth, time spent on page and more. With a appropriate tagging plan, informative data will be used for data analysis which will result in enhanced social ads performance.

  • Data Processing - Set up event goal to enable machine learning

    Once Facebook pixel is set up properly, algorithm-based ad system will start processing the pixel data and optimizing ad delivery with combination of audience demographic, placement, devices and online browsing history.

  • on-going ad optimization

    On-going Optimization - Fine-tune campaign setting and conduct A/B test

    After recording 80 conversions, delivery insight will become statistically significant.However, we notice that ad system may not be humanized enough to understand complex user behavior and seasonal effect. Hence, our experts will continuously optimize the campaign settings and conduct A/B test and multivariate test to ensure the accuracy and cost-efficiency of ad delivery.

Benefits - Result-Oriented

We emphasize on business revenue instead of using engagement as sole metrics, which aims to make real impact on your business.

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