Search Engine Marketing

SEM is the most cost-efficiency channel for closing deals instantly. We not only help you to protect your brand from competitors, but also drive new sales and explore with market.


Our Advantages

  • customization

    Customized Campaign Setup

    Our comprehensive experience on full-funnel acquisition campaign allows us to deliver best-in-class media strategy with the understanding on the characteristics and role of channels and formats and its role on the marketing funnel. Thus, we can make sure each channels is delivering real business results with cross-channel synergy.

  • Portfolio Bidding Strategy

    Advanced Portfolio Bidding Strategy

    By collecting and analyzing data from analytics tools, we build an algorithm-based Portfolio Bidding Strategy with the data signal of devices, operating system, location, audience profile, search query, time etc. Therefore, keyword will never be our only way to optimize search engine marketing campaign. Instead, we work beyond that.

  • Precise Audience and Placement Targeting

    Integrity and competence are always our promise. For this, instant cloud-based reporting dashboard will be built for our every client. Therefore, you will get rid of black-box operation.

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