Programmatic Display Ads

Programmatic Display is an algorithm-based approach to bid for advertising placement and audience data in real time. It allows advertisers to take advantage from world-class technology companies and data aggregators like Google, Facebook, Oracle, Visa, TransUnion, Kantar etc. With programmatic, you can also enjoy have full control on placement, viewability criteria, precise audience segmentation and people-based targeting.

Our Methodology

  • potential customer

    Driving Seed Audience - Collect seed data from prospecting campaign

    Make use of demographic data, such as age, gender, household income, location and parental status, and site contextual targeting to gather initial data on customer's online behaviour and lifestyle. Meanwhile, create mass awareness with a low Cost Per 1000 impression (CPM).

  • Structuring Data - Consolidate conversion data with Data Management Platform (DMP)

    Conversion signal will be centralized in Data Management Platform (DMP). With DMP, we can deduplicate and consolidate audience data from different advertising channels in one single platform for further analysis.

  • Building Customer Persona - Figure out the characteristic of our target customer

    By using analytics tools, like Google Display & Video 360 Audience Composition Report, Facebook's Audience Insights and Google Analytics, we can compare our user cookies with 3rd party data in order to understand their demographic information, financial status, interest and lifestyle etc.

  • Data Processing - Data will be used for lookalike modelling and machine learning

    Once seed audience is ready, data will be used for lookalike modelling and machine learning. After that, we can start to scale up our campaign to drive more revenue.

  • Lookalike Modelling - Apply the success formula

    We will analyze the data in different dimensions including devices, hour of day, site placement, cookies recency, page depth, creative and apply bid multipliers in order to maximize cost-efficiency. Also, auto-rules will be created for timely campaign optimization.

  • demand side platform (dsp)

    Ad Delivery - Real-time bidding with Demand Side Platform (DSP

    We will bid for ad inventory through Open Exchange. Our inventory source and accessible ad tech is not limited to Google Display Network (Google Ad Manager), but also including AppNexus, BrightRoll, Adform, OpenX etc. Therefore, we can help you to source the most worthy ads inventories.

Benefits of Programmatic Ads

Access Advanced Tools

Advanced measurement, data driven attribution and reporting tools

People-based Targeting

Emphasize on audience-buy instead of placement-buy. The target audience does matter, not only which sites your ads appear

Enhance Ad Delivery

Host and serve multiple engaging ad formats across all channels and in full control

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