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We believe that Digital Media should act as an extension of your sales team that brings you positive return on investment (ROI). By collecting, organizing and analyzing data from different data sources, we optimize your channel mix, biddings, audience targeting and placement delivery toward your final objective – business revenue. Therefore, our intensive experience on digital acquisition will deliver a well-deserved ROI to you.

Our Expertise

  • digital media mix

    Optimized Media Mix

    Our comprehensive experience on full-funnel acquisition campaign allows us to deliver best-in-class media strategy with the understanding on the characteristics and role of channels and formats and its role on the marketing funnel. Thus, we can make sure each channels is delivering real business results with cross-channel synergy.

  • Portfolio Bidding Strategy

    Enhanced Portfolio Bidding Strategy & Automation

    We understand the saying of “garbage in garbage out”. Therefore, we emphasize on the accuracy and depth of data collection. With highly accurate data, we set up advanced portfolio bidding strategy for mass prospecting campaign while embracing human-based micro bidding adjustment on segmented audiences.

  • setting goal for digital media campaign

    Precise Audience and Placement Targeting

    As we believe in data, we do not rely on “common sense” in audience targeting. We collect and analyze 1st party data from your website and then compare it with 3rd party data. Through digging out the common attributes, patterns and behaviour, we will be able to build a holistic understanding on your customer’s profile for facilitating audience targeting.

  • ab test for performance optimization

    Testing and Improvement

    In order to deliver the best result, we perform on-ongoing optimization and testing. Our trading platforms allow us to split audience into identical groups for scientific testing. Also, We perform multivariate testing regularly to find out the best combination on message, format, placement, targeting and bidding. Hence, you can expect a continuous improvement on digital acquisition performance.

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